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Great game, nice use of rhythm and how fast different pieces go to tell where the openings are and how long you should wait at each spot. Nice and fast respawn so you can keep on trying till you finally have that satisfying moment of figuring out where everything is and how you weave through it all. As you said like a delicate dance. I loved it!

ya the pawn should know its one other thing too. SLOW AS HELL!!! Seriously this game would be 1000000 times easier with just like... 1 tenth of a second more reaction time

Despite the encouraging messages, it was too hard so I gave up.

Oh god this IS an allegory for my life.

This game is awesome! I love the combination of rhythm and puzzle into one masterpiece! The only problem I encountered was the music getting slightly off from the movement of pieces, which meant I had to die purposefully to develop the strategy to get to the end.